Cookies, Brownies and Bars

Fudge Marble Cookies                                 $25                                                          

Chocolate and vanilla in every bite! Includes 20 cookies.

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies   $25

Chewy goodness packed with pockets of moist, sweet raisins and chocolate chips. Includes 20 cookies.

Lindsay's Chocolate Chip Cookies            $25

A favorite of people everywhere, especially my friend's daughter who's normally a very particular eater. Includes 20 cookies. Also available as 12 cookie cups or 20 bars.

Triple Chocolate Cookies                            $30                              

Mouth-watering. Need I say more? Includes 20 cookies.

Chocolate Chunk Blondies                         $25

The perfect fudgy texture and rich butterscotch flavor you’d expect in a blondie. Includes 20 bars.

Orangeburst Cookie Bars                           $25

A golden crust of sugar cookies and hazelnuts topped with a refreshing orange flavor will score points wherever you serve them. Includes 20 bars.

Caramel Brownies                                       $30

Moist and tender, these chocolatey gooey treats taste like more. Includes 20 squares.

Rainbow Brownies                                      $35

Creamy white chocolate brownie atop a chocolate wafer crust sprinkled with festive-colored M&Ms™. Includes 16 bars.


Cookie/Brownie Sampler                            $60

Can't decide? Or having a party and want to provide an assortment of treats? Choose four of the above to make up your sampler. Includes 30.